The Timekeeping Compliance Checklist

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payroll compliance checklist

The likelihood is that you will have a state unemployment tax as well. One of the factors contributing greatly to that complexity is compliance with the various federal, state and local legislation. As an employer there are all kinds of obligations on you – all with the intent of ensuring fairness, of course – and what follows here is a quick checklist of the key federal requirements for HRMS payroll. Employees in traditionally tipped positions typically rely on tips to supplement their wages paid by their employers. For many, including those in the food and beverages industries, tips constitute a significant portion of their earnings. As an employer, if you are planning to take a tip credit as an allowance against your minimum wage obligation you must accurately calculate employee wages and understand how tip credits impact this requirement. Consider developing a calendar of required training for managers and employees, e.g., sexual harassment prevention training, hiring practices, workplace safety, and effective management.

Take our HIPAA quiz to make sure your employees have an understanding of the compliance standards. Having a checklist that’s scalable and repeatable will make your life easier for the long term.

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  • The reason payroll compliance is imperative for every business is to ensure that every employee is treated and compensated in a fair manner by the management.
  • If they move or some other piece of information changes, it’s easy for them to update all forms online.
  • Once you know your payroll requirements, you will need to implement and maintain them in the most efficient and effective way.
  • Create a worksheet to reconcile your state tax liability to state taxable wages, as shown in a wage summary report; also, reconcile state taxes withheld to state taxes deposited.

With Patriot Payroll Full Service, you receive tax filings and deposits in addition to payroll management capabilities. With Patriot Payroll, you’ll also have access to an employee portal, free direct deposit, unlimited payroll runs, time off management, and payroll documents and reporting. Patriot Payroll Full Service costs $30 per month, plus $4 per employee per month. Moreover, laying out the specific parts of your process will also be helpful to consult when you’re working with an accountant or tax advisor to complete quarterly or annual tax forms. Payroll compliance refers to the steps every employer must take to abide by the tax regulations, wage and hour rules and other applicable requirements related to payroll. Once you’ve set up business entities and bank accounts, you have to next arrange payroll, accounting and taxes for your business. Every country has its own set of state and central labor laws that companies need to comply with.

Also, check with your benefits broker for any changes in reporting and that required annual notices are distributed to employees, such as Medicare Part D, HIPPA, and CHIPRA. The deadline for applicable employers to distribute Form 1095-C to employees is March 2, 2022. For the calendar tax year, Forms 1094-C, employee coversheet, and 1095-C must be filed by Feb. 28, 2022, if filing by paper, and March 31, 2022, if filing electronically. If the company has to do an FMLA figure out if the business has a written policy telling employees of their leave rights and policies for continued HR compliance. Also, make sure it is in line with the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act.

Member nations can make amendments, so the way in which the WTD is enforced in one country might not be the same in another. Designed to prevent wage discrimination based on sex, the EPA requires employers to provide equal pay to men and women who perform similar jobs in the same workplace. As per the IRS, every fringe benefit provided by an employer to his employee is taxable and should be included in the pay of the recipient unless it is excluded by the law. Some common taxable fringe benefits’ examples include excessive mileage and moving expense reimbursements, clothing, and more. Employees who work more than 40 hours in a 7-day workweek must be paid overtime.

Payroll Compliance Guide: Tips And Best Practices

All employers must calculate and submit federal income taxes and withholdings correctly to avoid government fees or getting sued by members of their workforce. The Federal Insurance Contributions Act and Federal Unemployment Tax Act have both evolved a great deal as part of this process. Paying taxes into these programs funds Social Security, Medicare, unemployment benefits, and other important programs. Without a doubt, by investing in these payroll tools now, you’ll be helping your business—and yourself—in the long run. Moreover, payroll compliance is also necessary to prevent fines and penalties that could negatively impact your business operations. This helps to ensure that all payments are accurate and compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

A lot of your organization’s time, effort and money go into ensuring that payroll is compliant through a statutory audit. However, it may never be a company’s intent to break these laws, but without necessary protection, it may easily slip through the cracks.

Benefits And Payroll Documents To Collect And Review:

The individual modules are customizable and easily scale with an organization as it grows. The federal income tax rate currently ranges from the 10% marginal rate to 37% across seven different tax brackets. To determine how much to withhold from employee wages, employers need to refer to each individual’s Form W-4 and follow the instructions in IRS Publication 15-T, Federal Income Tax Withholding. Apart from payroll compliance, you need to adhere to other essential regulations as well like classifying employees correctly whom you hire. Your responsibilities are different towards employees and independent contractors, and you need to classify them and provide benefits to them accordingly, along with reimbursing specific expenses. When it comes to the FUTA or federal unemployment taxes, they are paid for solely by an employer.

payroll compliance checklist

The automated process not only makes the payroll process faster and more efficient, but it also removes the risk of human error. For more insight into common payroll mistakes and how to avoid them, check out our fast guide on navigating payroll compliance below. These payroll checklists allow you to have a point of reference to help you through all your processes. You can use them to train your HR team and other employees to manage and set up payroll. Fortunately, several payroll solutions are designed to track every payroll card issued to employees, which help simplify reporting and maintain payroll compliance. You can use the tool to generate accurate reports, calculate tax liabilities, and ultimately, achieve payroll compliance. Running payroll, attendance, and annual summary reports for any specific date range is also possible.

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Figuring out your payroll obligations gets even harder if you have employees in different states or countries. One payroll compliance checklist of the top reasons is that employers can face penalties and fines for not following applicable payroll laws.

payroll compliance checklist

Confirm employees’ identifying information, such as legal names, Social Security numbers, and addresses of residence. Don’t be afraid to talk to an expert if you need help with payroll compliance and legislation. Below, I’ve compiled a list of the best tools that can simplify payroll compliance.

Advantages Of Statutory Compliance

But you’d be surprised by how many people forget to do exactly that via non-compliance with FICA and other tax oversights. Also, if you have an employee who works two different jobs at two different rates, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with how to calculate blended overtime to remain in payroll compliance. SUTA taxes can vary greatly from state to state, as each state sets its own tax rate. Some states also require both employers and employees to pay SUTA taxes. Additionally, there are different names for this tax, such as State Unemployment Insurance or the Reemployment Tax.

Moreover, you’ll find various offerings on the market—each with specific features, price points, pros, and cons. You can check out my list of modern and highly efficient online payroll services to find an option that’s user-friendly and meets all your requirements. You’ll find many cloud-based online tools that can reduce your HR team’s total time managing employee data. They can also help new employees complete vital documents and verify Social Security numbers to establish eligibility to work in the United States. Many consider employee tracking to be the most complicated part of payroll. The good news is using time and attendance software can simplify the whole process. If you want to improve payroll compliance, you’ll need an online payroll service.

If your company has 50+ employees and united states government contracts of $50,000 or more your company has to create an affirmative action plan. Some businesses can lose government funding or be able to compete for public contracts if they don’t. Whether this is compensation, one-time payroll values, or employment information, the changes should be investigated. The next step is to identify the problem and resolve it to avoid the issue recurrence. Once you have resolved the issue, you should start the audit process all over again.

Performance review cycles can take many forms, so spend time investigating different models before settling on the best option for your company. Then, be sure to train managers on providing effective feedback to their direct reports. This tax is also based on the W-4 form exemptions that are designated by your employees. The federal income tax amount can be between 10% and 37% and is reported to both the employee through the annual W-2 form and the IRS. A business can succeed and sustain itself in the market only with the hard work and support of its employees. Employees leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring maximum productivity and quality in work for business growth and scalability. This makes it a must for employers to take care of their employees in the best manner, and the first thing that comes to our mind is nothing but an efficient payroll process.

Company Policy Documents To Gather:

The best way to avoid running afoul of the law and ruffling your employees’ feathers is to mount a system that promotes ongoing payroll compliance. While fixing the minimum wages rate, it may be set for different work classes in the same scheduled employment or set for different scheduled employment.

payroll compliance checklist

” generally comes with a lengthy and oftentimes overwhelming response. But while no one is expecting you to be an expert on such matters, your employees, contractors, and the government are expecting you to follow them. FLSA, also known as the Fair Labor Standards Act, entails payroll compliance considerations such as child labor standards, minimum wage, and overtime. FICAFICA is a federal payroll tax that stands for the Federal Insurance Contributions Act.

What Is Payroll Compliance?

Getting payroll software is the best way to simplify your payroll procedures and monitor compliance. A modern and efficient software solution lets you automate your processes, store information in one place, calculate employee paychecks and withholdings, and file taxes on your behalf—all within a short time. Keeping up with all the payroll compliance requirements can leave anyone overwhelmed.

You will need to look out for any changes in the laws you’re currently following, plus enactment of new legislations. That said, do not depend on payroll technology to keep you abreast of every update. Learn about payroll practices employers should implement and maintain in order to stay compliant. In case of a change in address, status, partners intimation has to be given to the department within 30 days of change through an online application. The registration fee depends on the number of employees hired by the entity.

Keep in mind, some reporting deadlines may have been extended due to COVID-19. Here are some of the most important items to include on your HR compliance checklist to begin 2021 as smoothly as possible. You are not required to have Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Alabama. The first place to start is to call the insurance company that you have your homeowner’s or renter’s policy with. You might already be covered, or you may need to add a rider to your coverage. This section is a quick list of all of the activities that go into payroll processing. It is geared toward COE implementations but can also be used for “offline” districts.

FLSAThe FLSA, or Fair Labor Standards Act, sets minimum wage, overtime pay, and record keeping. It also sets the youth employment standards that affect employees in the private sector and Federal, State, and local governments. Those covered under FLSA are required to be paid a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Workers under FLSA are entitled to overtime pay that is at least one and a half times the employee’s normal pay. At the end of the day, although payroll compliance may seem overwhelming at first, the pieces involved can be broken down (as you’ve seen in this payroll compliance guide) and made easier with time and practice. Another misclassification employers often make with regard to payroll compliance is confusing exempt vs. non-exempt employees. As we discussed above, exempt employees are those not covered under the FLSA for overtime pay, while non-exempt employees are covered.