January 25, 2017

About us

Dear Customers

Welcome To Finish - In&Out Solutions . Hoping to provide to you a fully and pleasant service. The main aim of our company is to provide to our valued customers and new clients our special and efficient services, in a simple, easy and a wise way.
We believe that your Positive Opinion, comments, inquiries and questionnaires is our most important goal, as it’s the main target we depend on to improving our continues strategy to keep our company the best in aluminum, glass and wood works.


It is a leading company in the field of aluminum, glass and wood works together in order to enjoy being a team has great experience in that area with the presence of many similar elements provide the company with all the finds of the updates in the markets The company is providing the best proposals and designs for their clients in line with their requirements with finding the best alternatives highest quality and the latest in application and cheaper in order to conduct business in the most prestigious to get satisfaction of our valued customers. Our system was established in 2013 as a specialized in aluminum, glass and wood works. The management and executives of our company have a long experience up to 15 years in the field of aluminum, glass and wood works We are fully capable to handle any project related to aluminum, glass and wood works in Egypt or any part of the world.


 To achieve our target to be the leader company in of (Aluminum, glass and wood works) fields and always providing high quality services to our customers .


We are committed to providing the best solutions for the integration of aluminum, glass, wood, high-quality and competitively priced business in order to better serve our valued customers.