February 14, 2017


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We will try to review you what we have achieved through involve us in the various exhibitions that adopt clarify all new in the world of facades and decoration and construction.


Finish Contracting Company and acts Alaluminom, glass, wood participated in Brojex Africa exhibition, which was held in a hall conferences Arab Republic of Egypt from 10-13 December 2016, which addresses the present and future of the building materials industry in Egypt, Africa and the innovations that have been added recently to the field of aluminum façades The glass surfaces by exhibiting companies. Finish has been selected the company as one of the companies identified by the organizers of the exhibition to be a sponsor of the exhibition Broujex Africa, due to our excellence in the field of aluminum, glass and wood works. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry Egyptian has stressed the importance of this exhibition as it is in turn one of international cooperation with the Italian state tools, particularly with the body Fair Verona presenting important business sectors, which will serve not only in Egypt but also feeling the impact of both the Middle East and Africa He participated in the exhibition of more than 90 companies from the largest specialized companies in modern construction areas, including more than 40 international companies from both Italy and Brazil, China, Germany and others.