January 25, 2017


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Aluminum facades have a major effect on modern designs, and it is a key part in the buildings used by architects to show more architectural beauty on the facades of buildings. In addition to the above, it is considered Structural element must be designed and to selection of suitable profiles according to the loads acting on them as facade own weight or wind load, earthquakes and etc. . . The aluminum with glass facades is one of the most suitable systems for sound and heat insulation in addition to the light weight of the buildings with the possibility of movement facades with the buildings in the event of earthquakes or hurricanes.

Residential Villa Facade

( 10th of Ramadan city )

Roads Development Company

Aluminum Cladding Works

Hammam Investment Group


Gant Shop


Tabarak Holding Towers

Project:k1,k2,k3 Alkatamya

Baity mall facades

Aluminum Cladding & Glass Works

Ssang Yong


Optics Global Co


Olympic Village Swimming Pool

(Sharm Elshikh)

Watanya Petrol Station

Aluminum Cladding & Glass Works

Ahly Bank Bridge


Bank Facades